Fairy Tales on Parade by Judy

Fairy Tales on Parade is a unique, family owned business for childrens clothing and accesories.


I design clothing to make your kid smile, make conversations, and guide them to sparking the imagination that every kid has inside. Unfortunately too many kids barely use it now, so this clothing will help their imagination emerge at a young age.

I hope to make kids stay kids for as long as I can. My biggest joy comes from seeing a kid talk to my characters and enjoying every detail.

They become security pieces for the kids.

Every piece is built from scratch, including my dresses, outfits, and sweaters that I redesign every year. After making the pieces, which are mostly done on the front and back, comes the hand embroidery of the scene according to the story. These include flowers, trees, houses, castles, bees, butterflies, grass, ducks, carriages, etc. which come alive with my needle and thread.

Last but not least, my characters! Each one is made individually and sewn on each piece to give them life and durability.

Every piece is machine washable and dryer safe, guaranteed. They are all 100% cotton! No acrylic!

Also, once the child outgrows the product, one can frame it and display it in the room to have forever.

These products make fantastic and unique gifts!

Finding Me

I don't have a store, so you can find me at my upcoming shows under Calendar, email me at fairytalesonparade@yahoo.com or call me at 954 254 5463. Once you try me, you'll see how much your kids love them!