Hello! My name is Judith Dam and I’ve been hand-making these products for over 30 years! The joy on children’s faces is what I love to see so please send me any photos you have for me to display in my booth and my site 🙂 

One of the most rewarding things I’ve learned is that they become security pieces for kids and helps them communicate and build imaginations.

Every piece is built from scratch, including my dresses, outfits, and sweaters. After making the pieces, which are mostly done on the front and back, comes the hand embroidery of the scene according to the story. These include flowers, trees, houses, castles, bees, butterflies, grass, ducks, carriages, etc. which come alive with my needle and thread.

Last but not least, my characters! Each one is made individually and sewn on each piece to give them life and durability. 

Every piece is machine washable and dryer safe, guaranteed. They are all 100% cotton! No acrylic!

Also, once the child outgrows the product, it can be framed and displayed in the room to have forever.

These products make fantastic and unique gifts!